Net of Being Obsidian Jacket by Alex Grey

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The new Obsidian jacket is our first fully lined hooded art jacket, featuring original artwork by Alex Grey. This versatile garment is ready for any weather featuring a heavy-duty and comfortable cotton and nylon shell, and a smooth and silky artwork liner that fills the entire interior. New extra large pockets make it easy to carry larger sized phones and anything else you might need to travel with securely! Limited Edition of 420.

More Features -  
- Three Layer Fabric for extra warmth
- Water proof membrane
- Exterior - 60% Cotton / 40% Nylon
- 7 Oversized Pockets / Front Zippered Meta Pockets

Customer Reviews

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Jon Madd
My second Threyda jacket

So I previously purchased, & absolutely LOVE my Avalon tactical jacket by Jonathan Solter. When I saw this Net of Being obsidian jacket by Alex Grey, I thought to myself "oh, it doesn't look quite as sharp or slick as my beloved tactical jacket..." But day after day, week after week, I kept thinking about it, & eventually decided to commit after pay day.

Well well, this jacket is AMAZING, & perfect for winter! I even ride my scooter in 5 degree cold mornings & it keeps me warm & snug, travelling at 100km/h along the freeway on the way to work! Now I have this obsidian jacket for the colder winter months, & the tactical jacket for the slightly warmer spring & autumn seasons. Perfect!

The quality of these obsidian & tactical jackets area really second to none, & I am confident that there will be many years & festivals of wearing these awesome jackets. The best part is that they're party on the inside but zipped up they look super smart & proper that I wear them to school to teach my high school classes even. On the rough days, I am reminded that I'm constantly being hugged by the most powerful artwork on the inside of my jacket(s), & the inside fabric is soft, smooth, & hella comfy. The outside is rugged, tough, water resistant, & really protects you from the environment.

I doubt these will be my last two jackets from Threyda. In fact, those Chengxiang Shang tacticals on offer look really tempting right now...


Got this just in time for a Tool concert and was blown away at all the compliments received. Amazing jacket! Could not be happier.

Jonathan B
Worth the wait

I almost cant put words to it. Its beautiful, comfortable, and everything I hoped it would've been. #25 for me. Thank you so much, this is hands down my favorite piece of clothing that I own.

Great product AND customer service

I absolutely love the coat and it is worth every penny but what is most impressive is the customer service that they provided. Fast response and did whatever they could to accommodate the customer! PS the hand written "Thank You" at the bottom of the packing sheet was a very nice touch! WELL DONE, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

Bruce Morey

Absolutely love it! I call it my Tool jacket and I'm taking it to the Epicenter festival in 2 weeks and hopefully I'll get Maynard to sign it! Love the quality and artwork. Fits perfect and is extremely comfortable and warm. And I love the pockets within the pockets. I have some crazy unique jackets but this is by far my favorite!