About Us



Threyda is a small independent art project run by artists and creatives. Our team of visual artists challenges and experiments with established ideas of art and culture, creating unique and innovative artwork and apparel made just for you. Founded by artist and designer Peter Westermann, our profit-sharing model ensures that the majority of the support generated is returned to the artists and designers.

We believe that art is more than just a visual representation and has the power to connect people, break down barriers, and inspire change. Our core tenet is collaboration, and we work closely with artists from all over the world to bring our vision to life. Our mission is to inspire you through our unique style of abstract and psychedelic art and to support a new art movement that celebrates creativity and individuality.

Located near the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, our daily operations are run by a small team dedicated to being part of the bigger picture. We believe that by connecting with other people and supporting each other - together we can create a better world.

So whether you are an art enthusiast, a free spirit, or someone who simply wants to express themselves through innovative art and fashion, we invite you to join us on this creative journey. Threyda is more than just an art and apparel company - we are a community of individuals who believe in using the magic of creativity to transform our lives. Let us help you find your unique style and express your true self!