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Kimi is a digital artist based in Denver, Colorado - Known for her intricate vector design and many unique Threyda clothing releases.

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Alex Grey is an artist whose works cover a diverse variety of art forms including painting, sculpture, visionary art, performance art, and installation art. His specialty is psychedelic paintings for which he is famous all over the world. Grey is an unconventional personality and was always interested in controversial and morbid issues from childhood. His artistic bent of mind was also evident from his childhood and he was encouraged to draw by his graphic designer father. After studying fine arts in college he went to medical school where he spent five years in the anatomy department preparing cadavers for dissection; his anatomical training greatly influenced his paintings. He was also greatly interested in existentialism andmystical experiences. He is famous for his 'x-ray' style of painting and his works of art often present the stages of developing psyche. His works explore the physical, metaphysical and spiritual anatomy of the human life experiences in a blend of visionary and postmodern art.

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"I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again. If I could distill into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it would not be worth making it. Instead I have chosen the Pen. Honestly I don't know why I make this art, or what compels me to keep creating it; it's a mystery I intend to pursue for the rest of my life, and each image brings me closer to the Ultimate Truth."

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Jamie Baldwin Gaviola paints intricate mandalas through a synthesis of technique and flow that equate to a meditative process. Deeply saturated hues are applied in rhythmic pattern with a near-compulsive attention to precision & detail to portray a sense of gravity and movement.

Her paintings have been called 'mirrors, portals, and tapestries of the unseen.'She paints them with the intention to recall interconnectedness of all things to the mind of the viewer. Gaviola has exhibited extensively in NY and has collectors in the US and abroad through her significant online presence.

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I paint my visions through the constant blend between traditional and digital mediums. I want to embrace the viewer into inner realms, interpretations of the universal Oneness and its timeless flow. My inspiration comes mainly from nature, I intend to synchronize strokes with resonations from nature's structures,
revealing sacred spaces, it is there where I channel the morphing magic into paintings.

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My name's Randal, and I am an artist. In 2004, around the time I turned 30, I started introducing myself with that. I'd met and been deeply inspired by the great visionary artist Alex Grey, quit the factory job, and began a year-long road trip exploring life and the country where I was born in an old pick-up truck named Suzie-Q. The exploration continues... Life appears to be made up of a truly overwhelming grid of gifts, and each one increases in elegance and detail the closer we look. Upon reflection, the only appropriate response to these gifts seems to be gratitude. I try to make art about that.

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Jake Amason is an artist and designer currently living in Denver, Colorado. Jake is best known for his highly dimensional and intricate paintings, as well as starting the Apex Collective.

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I paint to visually explore our connection to the world, each other, and our inner selves living the conscious human experience. Mandalas are graphic representations of the universe - the multiplicity, and the singularity; the macrocosm, and microcosm. I re-interpret and merge objects and symbols in my paintings to create a metaphor for our seamless connection to the world, and open up a wider understanding (or questioning) of what we see and how we perceive. 

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CT's paintings are expressions of the natural dynamism of the universe in which we are immersed. Everything around us is constantly in motion and undergoes innumerable changes over time. His painting skills allow him to catch that universal energy and fix it on his canvases while maintaining its powerful dynamic qualities. In CT's work, the wild waves of stormy seas mix with the eternal flames of the artist's inner metaphysical world. His emotive brushmarks appear to go from smooth and watery to choppy and expressionistic in the blink of an eye, creating that sense of perpetual motion which gives the exhibition its title.

Nelson's work is not to be defined as abstract. "I don't consciously base my work on anything, so how could it be abstracting?" explains the artist. Elements as opposite as cosmic matter and oil paint coexist in Nelson's newest works, revealing never-before-explored meanings, landscapes, and patterns. As the artist elaborates, "I love to balance bright vibrant colors with the strange non-objective flows and goes; sometimes using impasto to create the enhanced illusion of depth. The term I have come up with is Non-Objective Realism – the feeling of something real yet far away from reality."

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I am a visual artist who finds beauty in complexity. I tread where technology and design meet natural forms and systems. Building worlds around that gives me great satisfaction. I try to take a scale-free approach to design, drawing inspiration from microbiology and architecture alike.

I've spent several years in the entertainment industry as a concept artist and illustrator, but am increasingly focusing on making my own work as an independent creator. I am a science fiction creator first and foremost, with a focus on where that meets expressionism and metaphysics.

Escapism is a driving force in my work. My current focus is on constructing windows to other worlds and alternative futures, ones that communicate growth, life, and harmony. Creating a "common place" is a way to connect to viewers, and help them connect to each other in turn.

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I often feel overpowered by my visions, a pulling of the soul into visualizing the dimensions that possess my waking dreams. Artwork for me is a chance to explore these dreams by electronically conjuring the realms between imagination and reality. This exploration is my personal apotheosis to sacrament and through this work I hope to offer portals of reflection.

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Ben Ridgway is an associate professor at San Francisco state university.

I use digital art, animation, and sculpture as a means of making the metaphysical side of reality into tangible form. My work often focuses on dreams, visions, hypnogogic imagery, the concept of infinity, and the ephemeral nature of existence. Art is an excellent means of making internal mind spaces into external expressions in the physical world. Outer space may be the final frontier in the physical world but inner space is far more accessible, just as vast and complex, and we have just begun to scratch the surface of it.

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Kent Baltutat is a visual artist and painter from Washington, USA


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Hey there it's Matt Mills. I am a multifaceted artist, designer, and software engineer from Austin, Texas.
My artwork is a culmination of many years of drawing, designing, and playing around with every piece of creative software I could get my hands on. Inspired heavily by a wide range of music, I try to give my artwork a distinct emotional feel using shapes, symmetry, and color. These days I'm working on a lot of album artwork and gig posters for bands and musicians which I think is a testament to the vibe the artwork gives off.

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Jonathan Solter is an artist living and working in the Bay Area. He dedicates his time to art, life and love. Illustration, stage design, live painting and murals are his main artistic focuses. He loves the creative community in the Bay Area and is busy co-creating his dreams with other like-minded artists. His art has been created and shown internationally as well as across the West.

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Rochester-born designer/draftsman and musician, Andy Gilmore, is known for a signature style that experiments with the proportions, perception and properties of sound and light. His digital work can be identified through the synchronization of form and color, producing mesmerizing kaleidoscopic and geometric artwork.

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I create to reflect the truth I experience, to build a mirror that transforms the perspective of the viewer. I work to experience and translate lucid freedom, in a language more intrinsic and powerful than words.

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Fernando Chamarelli is a Brazilian visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. After testing several techniques, and trying different types of art, he develop his own visual signature. Current work from Fernando is based on subjects like Quantum Physics, String Theory and The Multiverse.

In his creations the artist uses elements of different cultures. Civilizations from the past, present and future exist simultaneously. As characters full of colour that inhabit the micro and macro cosmos. Chamarelli tries to use a universal language to communicate, through sacred geometry and various symbols. Transmitting the message that everything is connected, and that in order to evolve we must perceive our connection with other human beings, animals, nature, and the cosmos.

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Recognizing her curious imagination, creativity was always supported by her family. Autumn Skye's meticulous and poignant paintings continue to gain expanding recognition, attracting collectors and students from around the globe. As a self-taught artist, she has dedicated innumerable hours in creative exploration.



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The color, composition, and movement in Brian's paintings pay homage to the forms in chaos and the chaos in forms.

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For forty years, my painting career has been committed to an essentialized world view consisting of three root symbol systems: chaos, order and secret writing. Chaos, defined as "order plus entropy," refers to the nature of the material world. Order represents the mandalic interconnectedness experienced during states of transcendental mystic unity.Secret Writing, free of implicit meaning, refers to the mysterious language of creative expression.


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Emerging from roots in graffiti under the moniker SYDWOX, the creative rebel broadened his craft and completed a certificate program in visual FX for film with a focus in digital sculpting. Feeling unfulfilled as a mere gear in the machine, he left the digital world and returned to the streets as a stencil artist for the people. Somewhere between painting political messages and running from the law, Foster discovered the healing power of the paintbrush, entheogens, and that deep future bass music. A newfound passion and self-love shattered limiting thought patterns and a clear vision of conscious creation was conceived.


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Eric Howard is a visual artist and painter from Oklahoma, USA.

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J.R. Slattum is a self-taught artist, his work entering the surreal world of innerspace. After a near-death experience in 2007, inspired by a personal enlightenment, Slattum fell into a world of paint. Using the point of the paintbrush as a focus, he views the process of creating as his meditation. His subjects gravitate towards the inner realms of psychology, philosophy, and the nature of being. Through his art, he invites his viewers to travel within. Working from his studio in Portland, Oregon, his work is collected internationally, thanks to a deep following.

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Stephen Kruse is an artist and designer from Denver, Colorado.

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I was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973 and moved to the U.S. with my family in 1977. I currently live in Miami FL. Creativity has been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember. The work I do today is inspired by a few basic concepts; nature, science, ancestors, and dreams. A deep appreciation of nature appears all throughout my work. Trees, animals, insects, and foliage intertwine with human figures, representing our interconnectedness to the Earth. The science portrayed in my art is about the flow, movement, and transfer of energy. We give off energy, we receive energy, we are made of energy. The figures in my work represent my ancestors; ancient ancestors, futuristic ancestors, inter-dimensional ancestors. They symbolize my connection to Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. Rituals, folklore, music, and art have all been passed down from generation to generation through the ancient art of storytelling. My work tells the story of me.

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My work reaches towards a theory of chromatic vibration through the discord of contrasting images. These images are linked together through an optic pattern, or a warped tessellation,  to bring forth a harmonious outcome. Multidimensional patterns are interlaced with psychedelic landscapes and strange, abstract forms.  The melding together of these images creates a metaphysical cosmology through a dance of contrasting phenomena. Inter-playing images make a perceptual abstraction, creating an extra-dimensionality in the work. A subtle landscape becomes a bursting, radiant field of optic vibration. This triad of imagery grasps at form and formlessness, like the ineffable and temporal experience of an ecstatic state.

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Peter Westermann is an artist and designer currently living in Denver, CO and is the founder of Threyda as well as acting general manager and art director. He spends most of his time working with the artists in the collective to develop new ideas and ways to support their creations. In his free time he still pursues many of his own visual projects.

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Mugwort (Isaac Mills) is a digital artist and designer embarking on unique explorations into the realms of creativity. Using artistic expression as a vehicle for spiritual exploration, he believes that though art and imagination we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, our interconnectedness with all things, and inspire social change. The name 'Mugwort' derives from the plant Mugwort Artemisia, a herb used since ancient times to enhance lucid dreaming and astral projection. He explores a multitude of artistic approaches and mediums; from digital painting, illustration, large-scale installations and live audio-visual performance, he increasingly taps into the dynamic potential of digital media. Much of his gallery work is thematically centred on transformation, archetypal forces, shifting paradigms, animals, and shamanic symbolism. Hailing from the east coast of Canada, Mugwort migrated to the forested shores of the west coast where he currently resides. His art has been displayed at galleries and festivals all across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.

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Seth McMahon is a soulful engineer of imagery.  His art is a kung fu dance on canvas, an expression of flow, and a vehicle to new worlds of the imaginary mind. He hails from the ghetto of West Oakland and lives in a community full of artists known as The Woom.  Seth developed his style painting in the studio, in nightclubs, and on the streets. One painting after another, he continues to challenge himself to learn more, pushing to become one of the great masters of our time. 

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Archan Nair was born and raised in India. Formerly a fashion major and entrepreneur, 
Archan started painting in 2006 at the age of 24 and made the shift as an independent artist in 2007.