Aftermath Sublimation Tee by Silvio Vieira

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Pulsate with pure energy.

You walk in and the room comes alive. Deep blues and electric bursts of orange and magenta. The force of creation itself surrounds you.

When wearing this shirt, you'll be almost impossible to ignore. It's guaranteed to turn a few heads.



Introducing a special clothing release for our event in Denver titled, Electronexus.

Our custom designed tees are constructed with 100% microfiber polyester resulting in an amazing amount of color and detail while retaining a very soft and comfortable feel. Artwork print is featured on front and back.

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5☆ Tee

Vibrant color and very well made shirt. As usual, I have yet to be let down regarding any apparel or artwork I gotten on Threyda, and believe me I've spent quite a bit in order to decorate my home and build a dope wardrobe. Love this site.


Justin Jonker
Silvio Tee

Top quality tee as always, comfortable and breathable. Stoked Silvio got a his work on some Threyda gear, hope to see a bunch more!l

Jeremiah Tallant Tallant
Aftermath shirt

I will still continue to support in ways, just funny how people got this shirt way before January while I get an email in March stating they oversold on this shirt and that I wont get one. Really funny how I bought this pre-sale shirt in November when half the larges weren't even sold. No longer will I ever buy a pre-sale item and wait months just to get told they "oversold". If you oversold on an item then you should make more and give them to the people who BOUGHT IT AT PRE-SALE. That's like saying, "Hey guy's, we got this thing that we don't even have, but if you want to buy it and wait months for nothing then please, be my guest. Just remember, you aren't getting anything, but give me your money".

Val Harms

Really awesome shirt, pictures do not do justice to the detail of the print

Ryan Eldakak
Amazing Shirt that arrived at a perfect time

I am a long time supporter of Threyda. They never disappoint and their catalogue of Art/Clothing is always on point. I ordered the Aftermath shirt expecting it to arrive in January, but actually it arrived early December and I was extremely and pleasantly surprised. When It arrived, I tried it on and knew this was my signature shirt. The energy and details of this art is next-level! I can't thank Peter and Threyda enough for their kindness and professionalism. If you see anything you like on their website, do not hesitate to pull the trigger, as these are limited edition pieces that will not be produced again and will surely increase in value. You will not regret adding Threyda Art and Apparel to your collection. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and experience. Thank you Peter. Thank you Threyda.