Threyda Art Collective Volume 1 Book

The first official Threyda art book is here! This unique hardcover edition is 190 pages of high quality artwork and behind the scenes photos. 

- Specifications- 
- 8.5 x 11 inch semi-gloss pages
- Hardcover with matte finish

- Collector's Edition - Includes signatures from several of the artists and a special holographic sticker!

Featured Artists: CT Nelson, Blake Foster, Seth McMahon, Autumn Skye, Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse, Peter Westermann, Cody Seekins, Kirstin Zirngibl, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts, Gabriel Welch, Justin Totemical, Brian Scott Hampton, E Howard, Ben Ridgway, Sweet Melis, Krystyleyez, Mugwort, Archan Nair, Jonathan Solter, Monique Munoz, Ian Hubbard, Fabian Jimenez, Matt Mills, and more

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel van Valkenburg
Visionary art bonanza!

This collection of art by Threyda is beautifully made and organised, with work by numerous artists combined to achieve a surprisingly unified whole. Hyperspace entities,complex geometries of rainbow forms and grand displays of artistic virtuosity abound, transporting the viewer to strange dimensions. With so much great art available wall space quickly runs out, art books are the answer to limited room and this one is a must have.


Absolutely stunning. Better than expected. Simply splendid. Positively staggering. Bewitchingly magnificent. Been waiting for a restock since last year. Worth its weight in gold.

I really like this book

I've been coming to threyda looking at all the art for a while now. It's nice to finally have a good chunk of it at home packaged nicely

One of my best art books!

The quality of the colors in these pages are absolutely astounding. It’s amazing how well they’ve been able to put such large pieces into a book without losing that impactful emotions the artists have each expressed.

Each page keeps the art forward and lets it speak for itself. I showed my friends and each page turned had them say “wow, I love this one, look at that!”

Seeing the artists in pictures of them in action not only gives an organic feel to what you’re seeing but puts the size perspective into how large some of these work many of us just see on a computer screen really are!

The hardcover is sturdy but isn’t too heavy. It’s exciting to know I’ll be anticipating the next volumes for years to come.

Absolute fantastic job!

Thank you so much to all the artists that signed my copy.

This is the art of our generation.