Threyda Art Collective Volume 1 Book

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The first official Threyda art book is here! This unique hardcover edition is 190 pages of high quality artwork and behind the scenes photos. 

- Specifications- 
- 8.5 x 11 inch semi-gloss pages
- Hardcover with matte finish

- Collector's Edition - Includes signatures from several of the artists and a special holographic sticker!

Featured Artists: CT Nelson, Blake Foster, Seth McMahon, Autumn Skye, Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse, Peter Westermann, Cody Seekins, Kirstin Zirngibl, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts, Gabriel Welch, Justin Totemical, Brian Scott Hampton, E Howard, Ben Ridgway, Sweet Melis, Krystyleyez, Mugwort, Archan Nair, Jonathan Solter, Monique Munoz, Ian Hubbard, Fabian Jimenez, Matt Mills, and more

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Eaton

Been wanting this for a long time. Glad I can show people the art with out pulling out my phone

Tristan Corcoran
Great Art Book

This is one of my favorite art books I have in my home. Very high quality all the way through!

Raaktin Praseutsy
Great artwork!

Love this

Alexander S
Great Gift

Grabbed one for myself and as a gift. Amazing art all bundled up. An easing centerpiece to start conversation.

Great coffee table book

Great book to have out on the table for everyone to look at. The art is really good an high quality.