Vision Syndicate Monthly Art Subscription - 14 x 17 inches

New and Exclusive Art, Delivered to Your Doorstep, Every Month from Threyda

Start your collection of progressive and psychedelic fine art today.

Great for framing and hanging, or displaying in a coffee table art portfolio.

Subscribe and save.

Each month, get a new high-quality print, at a steep discount. Our team of art professionals selects an amazing print each month and sends it straight to you.

All you have to do is subscribe and enjoy.

This year's featured artists include - Seth McMahon, Jake Amason, John Speaker, Paul Lewin and Silvio Vieria


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Masta jer
Subscription Plus

I give a 5 star because I've dealt with this company for many years now and have always been pleased with everything I have received. The quality of everything has always been top-notch. I really like the print I received, and I'm confident that I'll like the rest of them as well. I feel as if this review should've been asked of me after receiving 2- 3 prints, but it's all good.

Daniel Martinez
The gift that keeps on giving

I was at a point where I had no more space to hang up paintings in my place, but then Threyda did the best thing that could happen. They dropped this subscription! I'm halfway through the year already with this subscription and I still look forward to the beginning of every month. I have not been disappointed about being a part of this subscription. Definitely worth it and I can't wait to complete my book.

Jeremy E.
Awesome way to respond to customers

When the art print subscription was announced, it was done with a message about how this was thought of after hearing their loyal customers start to echo a similar statement. "I have no more wall space." I regularly found myself passing on releases because I didn't have the space and was not prepared to part way with the current Threyda Tapestries and Prints I had. This was made for someone like me to be still able to collect at least one piece from many of the fantastic artists Threyda features. I may have the space later, or the print will live in the Book, so I can still show it to others or gift some of them. Very happy with the first two prints. Plus, I have ordered two exclusives from the members-only Vision Syndicate section of the store and am excited to go on this journey.

Corey Hager Hager
Dope subscription

I think it is dope to get a new print every month for an affordable price! My one thing is that I wish there would be more updates on the exclusive vision syndicate portal. The options are limited and some of the stuff doesn't have my size so they must have been up for awhile. I'm sure more will come i just get antsy lol

Threyda is my favorite brand

I am so happy Threyda decided to do a monthly subscription, I’ve been buying clothes and art from Threyda for a little over a year, and the quality of the prod Is next level, the art is reasonably priced and exactly what I was looking for to collect, the customer service is next level (every time I’ve needed any assistance they have been more helpful than I can express, especially coming from working in customer service), I can’t hype them up enough. The first print was dope, I’m moving into a new home and I can’t wait to rotate out the art with the new stuff I get every month and also have a collection started. It’s so worth the money!