Tessellate Button Down Tee by Kimi Takemura

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Our brand new satin-lined button down shirts are here!  This classic button down features a full artwork liner that extends all the way throughout the piece, and adds a touch of color when you roll up the sleeves or unbutton the top. The outside shell is created using rayon - a wonderful naturally sourced material that will keep you cool and dry. 

• Front pocket with logo tag
• 100% Rayon Shell / 100% Satin Polyester Liner
• Individually sewn serial number

Customer Reviews

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Jake Cox
Love The Material, Sizing a Little Off - DRY CLEAN only

Like Tyler said the sizing on these shirts is a little off for the common man. In order to have enough room in the armpit area to move your arms comfortably you have to get a size the feels too big in all the other areas of the shirt. If you're tucking the shirt in then it's not such a big deal, but if not then it feels a bit too big.

It's also worth noting that these shirts are DRY CLEAN only.

I really like these shirts

But I buy one that looks nice on me but the armpits are too tight then I buy one a size bigger where the armpits are a little better but the rest of the shirt is too big