Radiozoa Reversible Hoodie by Desert Dwellers x Threyda

A Hidden Network, Just below the Surface
- Limited Edition of 250 -

You share a connection with All. Your consciousness is tied to the very fabric of the universe.

You are the dreamer and the dream.

Tap into the creative force from which all things manifest.

Designed in collaboration with Desert Dwellers.

Weather-resistant mid-weight cotton shell on one side. A silky satin liner on the other. Fully reversible and perfect for light winter weather.

Featuring original art from Totemical and Abzzolum.

Beautifully detailed. High-quality material. Individually numbered.

• 50% Mid-weight Cotton / Poly (Side 1) / 50% Polyester (Side 2)
• Fully reversible and functional
• Meta Pockets (Pockets within pockets)
• Individual permanent pressed serial number

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