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Porifera Alpha Stretched Canvas Print by Jake Amason x Peter Westermann - Ships Jan 2023


Deep. Tranquil. Serene.

From the darkest depths of consciousness, the spark of inspiration shines.

Two of our artists team up to bring you this beautiful piece; an exploration into the unknown.

Add a sense of wonder to any room you display it in.

Limited Edition of 30

Dimensions: 30 x 50 inches

Includes certificate of authenticity signed by the artists.

Painting by Jake Amason x Peter Westermann

Threyda art prints are created with pigment-based archival inks. When properly showcased, your print will not fade or deteriorate for over 100 years.

Comes ready to hang out of the box!

Shipping time - Approximately 3-4 weeks.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dynamic Room Changer

Been wanting this one for a while and so glad to finally have it up. Bold and Beautiful! This print really changes the dynamic of the entire room. Cannot be more pleased with this piece. Quality is on point, print and framing. Thank you.

Ross Lindeman
Perfection with "B"lemishes

This piece is magnificent and I am honored to have # 1/30.

The attached pictures speak for themselves regarding the rear of the canvas. Yes, the wall doesn't care that they are there, but I do. I reached out to Threyda support several times regarding a return with no reply, which is unusual. I am a long time collector and have many pieces of clothing and art from this gallery. This little niche in Denver is very close to my heart, and there is no shade intended here. The blemishes however, did take the wind out of my sails upon delivery. Without support reply this time, I ultimately decided shipping would be too much trouble. Nothing in life is perfect and the glory of this piece outshines the mistakes on the rear. One Love, Peter and Team. Blessings.