Initiation Original Painting by Adrianne Tamar

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24" x 48" oil paint on wood panel

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You prepared yourself.

You did everything you could.
You trained for years.
You looked up, to the above.
It was coming.
And when it happened,
It made a joke out of your preparations.
How could you ever have been prepared for this.
This was a force so big, so ancient,
So full of power from a force so deep within.
So alive beyond your life.

And in an instant, the criteria by which you trained and prepared

Was reduced to ashes.
What you hadn’t known
Was that initiation goes down
Not up.

And screaming in that still-silent death,
Something cracked to the core of the earth in your being

And you became.

You became the person you needed to be
To answer the question
“What is really needed here?”
The answer to what’s really needed here
Could only have ever been answered
By a death that struck the heart alive,
Able to listen, finally, to what was speaking all along.
And now that you hear, see, and know.

It is time.
You are initiated.

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