Grief Original Painting by Adrianne Tamar

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24" x 36" oil paint on wood panel

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When I lost you
Something broke.
Something I didn’t know
Was keeping me

From everything that wasn’t as important

As the love.
And that thing that broke
Was a dam
That then let in
An entire ocean of water
That consumed me whole.

I was connected to nothing and to everything at once.

I was dissolved.
And.. against all odds..
I was made holy.
By the grief.
An emotion
That will dissolve
That isn’t
I’m not afraid, anymore.
My heart was made for this.
An ocean beating life eternal
Through the horror and the beauty
Of what it is to be alive.
Love the loves you have lost.
Feel the empty shape of their absence.
Fill it in with the water you are made from.

Know that the moment you have, here and now, to love

Is all you may have
In this eternal loss
Of everything.
So praise it.
Praise it with your grief.
Let life know you cared. You loved.
And that above all, you were human.

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