Gift Midweight Reversible Hoodie by Ben Ridgway

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New midweight cotton shell with screenprint graphics and silky satin liner art, featuring original art by Ben Ridgway! This super detailed zip up hoodie is fully reversible - featuring a midweight cotton shell perfect for spring weather. Improved fabrics, details and utility. 

• 50% Midweight Cotton Cotton (Side 1) / 50% Polyester (Side 2)
• Fully reversible and functional
• Meta Pockets (Pockets within pockets)
• Individual permanent pressed serial number

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jake Cox
This Hoodie Is The "Standard" By Which All Hoodies Are Defined

Threyda's reversible zip-up hoodies have spoiled me and immediately became the standard to which I compare all other zip-up hoodies - and sadly very few can compete.

The sublimation interior is amazing. The screenprinting on the outside is superb. The cuff material is tight, yet elastic and durable. The zippers and zipper pulls are hearty and robust. The drawstring end-caps will stand the test of time. They left no stone unturned designing these.

Just buy it.

Very high quality, comfortable, and beautiful. This is literally artwork that you wear. If you are here looking, you know you already like it, so just get it. Seriously. You won't find anything else that compares to the unique apparel that is offered by this company.

In a world of capitalist consumerism, where everything is disposable, and replaceable, nothing is sacred anymore. Threyda is the antithesis of that mentality, and the items here are ones you can really cherish for a long time. I bought this exact hoodie, and the tactical jacket by Fabian Jimenez and I couldn't be happier. I'm going to donate every other jacket I own now because these are all I need.

10/10 Highly recommend. You won't be disappointed.

Morgan C.
Favorite hoodie I've ever owned

I splurged on one of these for myself a few months ago when it was 120+ degrees F in my region, and it's only now gotten cold enough to comfortably wear it.

Every time I put it on it makes me happy! This hoodie is perfect in every way - fits my body, not too tight and not too loose, zippers are solid and strong, and the print is mind-blowingly beautiful.

I thought I'd turn it print-side out when it came out of the bag and that's how it would stay, but I honestly like the "outer" side very much - it just feels good to the touch and it looks amazingly sleek.

I would be lying if I said this was the last hoodie I ever bought from Threyda!

Blake Swiatkiwsky
Most comfortable hoodie I own.

Absolutely love how this hoodie is designed. The weight of it is perfect for what you'd expect, not too heavy, but has enough weight to it to feel like you've got that extra layer on.

The print is absolutely fantastic with the colours and quality, it definitely does Ben's design justice.

Looks and feels great reversed both ways, pockets are completely usable either way so it doesn't feel like a usual reversible that sacrifices pocket usage.

Definitely a 10/10 and well worth the purchase.

I will certainly be keeping watch on future designs in this style of hoodie.

Best Hoodie I have ever purchased.

The quality and style of this hoodie is unmatched to anything I have ever seen or worn. The fit is absolutely perfect, the hood is perfect and not too baggy or small like most hoodies. Size chart was right on. The outside seems very durable for rain or wear, the inside/reverse is so soft it feels like real silk. 10/10 well worth the price.