Galactic Us Reversible Hoodie by Desert Dwellers x Threyda

A Bridge Between Worlds
- Limited Edition of 250 - 

Let your light shine for the whole world to see.

Your higher self connects with Source. Inspiration follows you wherever you may go.

A warm, radiant glow reveals the golden temple of the mind.

Designed in collaboration with Desert Dwellers.

Weather-resistant mid-weight cotton shell on one side. A silky satin liner on the other. Fully reversible and perfect for light winter weather.

Featuring original art from Totemical and Abzzolum.

Beautifully detailed. High-quality material. Individually numbered.

• 50% Mid-weight Cotton / Poly (Side 1) / 50% Polyester (Side 2)
• Fully reversible and functional
• Meta Pockets (Pockets within pockets)
• Individual permanent pressed serial number

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