Connection Original Painting by Adrianne Tamar

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38x58 oil paint on wood panel

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It can only take the shape of us.
This thing called connection
Existing in the meeting place
Of the wilderness created
By both of our unique wilds
Merging into a third one.
What parts of our wilds
Will blend effortlessly?
What parts will repel each other?
Be triggered by each other?
Spark inferno in each other?
How do we navigate
This third wilderness
Made by the wildernesses within us both?
Do I know my own enough
To dare tread this one?
What if the third thing
Becomes treacherous?
No wonder why many
Stay close to paved trails
Set rules
Clear destinations
To make it all feel a bit more safe.
But we weren’t made for that.
We’re wild.
And so we’ll risk the power
Of every frightening thing in nature
And all of it’s weather
To get close
To the Real thing

In each other.

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