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Color Quanta Obsidian Jacket by Andy Gilmore

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Please check size chart before ordering - this item runs a little small!
The new Obsidian jacket is our first fully lined hooded art jacket, featuring original artwork by Andy Gilmore. This versatile garment is ready for any weather featuring a heavy-duty and comfortable cotton and nylon shell, and a smooth and silky artwork liner that fills the entire interior. New extra large pockets make it easy to carry larger sized phones and anything else you might need to travel with securely! Limited Edition of 250 with individual permanent pressed serial number on inside of Jacket liner. 

More Features -  
- Three Layer Fabric for extra warmth
- Water proof membrane
- Exterior - 60% Cotton / 40% Nylon
- Permanent press serial number
- 7 Oversized Pockets / Front Zippered Meta Pockets
- Gloss black transfer print on back


Want The Whole Place Visible?


A total of 7 oversized pockets will hold all of your essentials and keep them safe with our double pockets and classic YKK zippers. 

Secure Your Home At Any Time


Underneath the cotton and polyester shell is a fully waterproof membrane to keep you warm and insulated. 

Catch them in the act


Each of our Obsidian jackets features a unique serial number permanently pressed right inside the liner - making each jacket a true one of a kind piece of art. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Jacket, Company and Service

This jacket is absolutely gorgeous. It has become a recognizable centerpiece of my brand and it impresses everywhere I perform. As a musician, I wanted something that was low profile enough to not be loud on the outside, by still a work of art that I can enjoy. This jacket does just that.

Threyda always comes through with amazing customer service and was to remedy some issues on my initial order and got the jacket it to me in a time crunch in time for a photoshoot.

It's perfect for all types of weather, from the frigid cold of the winter in the North, but light enough to be worn in the more moderate climates on the West Coast as well.

It is truly a work of art that can be appreciated everywhere I go.

Great jacket, Minor flaw

I'll start by saying, as far as style and comfort go, this is 5/5 star jacket. That said, I simply can't give a product five stars that immediately requires even minor functional repair as soon as it arrives. I ding it a star due to the hanging loop on the inside liner not being fully attached to the outer shell, making this feature practically useless for fear of damaging the liner. It's a simple fix, and I mentioned this to the Threyda support team, so hopefully this is fixed for future jackets or simply a defect that I received.

It is hard to describe how incredible both the art and the effort that went into printing and lining up the fabrics for this jacket. One simply has to see it in person to behold its full awesomeness! The subtle gradations of hue and geometry that Andy Gilmore uses is astounding and is only better viewed in person. I've probably spent as much time looking at the jacket as I have wearing it.

My favorite part is the gloss black transfer on the back: it is subtle, yet in the right lighting it pops out like a deep sea creature visible just beneath the surface. As you move in various light sources, it is nearly holographic! Unreal!

The quality of the materials are evidently high. Lighter in weight than their heavyweight hoodies, yet even warmer! I can wear this jacket with a tshirt only in winter and be pretty warm. Add another layer underneath, perfect! I was worried about the size at first, but it is a very sleek and tailored fit, no prob.

Joe Spaziani
own two

I got so many compliments on both my Threyda jackets. They are so Fresh 2 death! 

The material to the art how warm they are are worth every dollar. Even can be considered professional at certain work places.

I love how tactical jacket has so many pockets! I am a person who needs lots of pocket space.

Best jacket I own

My partner got this jacket for me as a birthday gift and I rarely leave the house without it ever since.

Ideal for pretty much all weather, or rapidly changing/unpredictable weather. So comfortable and stylish without being "loud". I enjoy all the zippered pockets to keep all my things secure and organized.

The attention to detail Threyda has with their products is astounding, and obviously the artwork is ridiculous!