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Here at Threyda we love to see people collaborate. Lucky for us in this modern age it happens more than ever - people from all over the globe are creating things together thanks to the internet and modern travel and shipping possibilities. One of my favorite forms of creative collaboration going on is called The Exquisite Corpse. The name may be rather misleading - there isn't necessarily a corpse involved - rather it comes from part of a French expression used by the Surrealist artists in the early 1900s that are credited with starting this method.

In an Exquisite Corpse drawing each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see a small portion of what the previous person contributed. For example, one artist will create a pencil drawing that covers half a sheet of paper, then mail it to another artist with their drawing covered except for one exposed inch. The next artist will continue their portion from this exposed inch, often making it a mostly "blind" collaboration.

The end results are creations built on an awesome mixture of randomness and mutual trust in the other person's skills. Below is a collection of exquisite corpses made both by artists from our collective and a few from artists outside our group. Take note how many of these are made by Bernard Dumaine - he has been an amazingly productive contributor to the world of EQ.

To see more please check out The Exquisite Corpse group on Deviant Art, one of the original and longest running collections on the web.

"Creation Nexus" by Fabian Jimenez and Laura Borealisis

 Memzu and Sakaaali

 Sander Jansen with Zachary Cain 

"Collabone" by koalaacid and knotty-inks

"It's Only Natural" by Bernard Dumaine and Christine Hatziapostolou


"Lady of the Forest" - Bernard Dumaine with Thomas Bosser

"Mutations" by Bernard Dumaine and Antonio Collado

"Tempus Fugit" - Bernard Dumaine with Naichan

Bernard Dumaine and Sheela Singla