February 16, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Below is an in-depth look at one of our new hoodies - the Prismatica Hoodie by Mike Cole. This project was our most detailed clothing assignment yet and it took a heavy amount of work to complete. We're very proud of how these turned out after spending so much time trying to get everything just right!

I've put together this picture collection to showcase all the most intricate details of these new garments. The artwork for this piece was all painted and drawn by hand, in the end making it one of the most uniquely crafted pieces of clothing we've ever seen. 

Each of these hoodies is roughly 16 individual panels that are carefully printed and lined up so the art matches seamlessly throughout the piece. 

Here is Mike's daughter with the original Prismatica painting. Mike spent many months painting this 5 foot creation in oil on canvas at his home near Joshua Tree. It's one of his largest creations to date. This artwork is used for the silky smooth sublimation side of the hoodie - it was carefully cut into many different sections to line up properly throughout each piece of fabric. 

To make this hoodie truly reversible we decided it had to have pockets on both sides. We spent a lot of time making sure the artwork lined up just right - the pockets are individually printed and sewn in place to fit with the rest of the artwork. Our sewers weren't sure if they'd be able to get them to line up exactly, but they surprised us in the end at how close it is!

This is the hand made linework drawn by Mike for the screenprint side on heavy cotton. He specially designed this piece to be a repeatable pattern in all directions. 

The screenprinted side also lines up just right from the pockets to the front panels!

We designed this custom silicon pull tab with our logo embossed on both sides. It has a very nice feel and is made to ergonomically fit to the shape of your thumb. 

Embroidered logo on the cotton side - also shows off the metal caps we picked out for the hood strings!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed these closeup shots! This was a big step forward for our group, and is the start of many new unique apparel projects we will be releasing in the next year.