Hummingdragon Obsidian Jacket by Android Jones - Ships Dec 2020

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Why is this item $229?


Our new exterior shell printed art jacket, featuring original artwork by Android Jones.  This versatile garment is ready for any weather featuring a heavy-duty and comfortable cotton and nylon shell, and a smooth and silky artwork liner that fills the entire interior. New extra large pockets make it easy to carry larger sized phones and anything else you might need to travel with securely! Limited Edition of 300 with individual permanent pressed serial number on inside of Jacket liner. 

More Features -  
- Three Layer Fabric for extra warmth
- Waterproof Membrane
- Exterior - 60% Cotton / 40% Nylon
- Permanent press serial number
- 7 Oversized Pockets / Front Zippered Meta Pockets
- Gloss black transfer print on back

Customer Reviews

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Smokin' Sexy Style

This is it! This the one! I absolutely love it! Beautiful outer shell that brushes the cold and water right off. The inside is soft and silky to the touch, where I don't even want to take it off! Please make more (my girlfriend would actually love this in a mid weight hoodie). Thank you guys so much for working so hard to make such an awesome product!

Best Early Christmas Gift

Have been a long time fan of Android Jones, and his HummingDragon is my #1 favorite piece of his. As soon as I saw that Threyda had gotten a hold of the design and was putting it in to a jacket, I knew whatever the price was would be worthwhile to pay. Sure enough, I just received by jacket, and it's beyond the quality level that I had expected. It's deceptively warm for how light it appears, the lining material is not only super soft, but extremely vibrant for the print. The pockets are large enough that you could carry around a small litter of kittens if you really felt so obliged to do so. The only thing I can't attest to is it's waterproof abilities, but if Threyda does anything, they live up to their word. This is not only wearable art, this is comfortably wearable art. 10/10