Avalon Obsidian Jacket by Jonathan Solter

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Why is this item $229?

Any order over $150 comes with a brand new sticker pack!

Our new exterior shell printed art jacket, featuring original artwork by Jonathan Solter.  This versatile garment is ready for any weather featuring a heavy-duty and comfortable cotton and nylon shell, and a smooth and silky artwork liner that fills the entire interior. New extra large pockets make it easy to carry larger sized phones and anything else you might need to travel with securely! Limited Edition of 300 with individual permanent pressed serial number on inside of Jacket liner. 

More Features -  
- Three Layer Fabric for extra warmth
- Waterproof Membrane
- Exterior - 60% Cotton / 40% Rayon
- Permanent press serial number
- 7 Oversized Pockets / Front Zippered Meta Pockets

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great product

Super happy with how fast everything arrived. The material used on the jackets is very high quality and super comfortable. I ordered this as a gift for my significant other and I wear it just as much. The personalization and artwork is top notch!

Thomas foolery
So good

#209. Had mine for around a year and I am blown away by the quality. Looks great, feels great, huge pockets perfectly sized to put a phone or wallet into. Sturdy and Incredibly warm, it's all I need in the winter. I got it for the art on the liner and ended up with a ridiculously nice coat that looks awesome