Tactical Tiger Jacket by Android Jones

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A perfect blend of functionality and expression - t
his jacket will keep you warm and dry while subtly showing your artistic side
One of our most unique apparel creations yet and our first collaboration with Android Jones.

The silky smooth inside layer features Android's art weaving throughout the highly detailed sublimation fabric. The micro fiber material makes for very high resolution color and detail. 

With a total of 14 pockets there is a spot for pretty much everything. Most pockets are neatly hidden and feature zippers as well as special writing tool sleeves and hidden compartments. 

Lift open the right inside and you'll find a large zippered pocket, with two small velcro memory card pouches.

The left inside features a large zippered rear pocket and two special sleeve pockets for writing utensils and other tools.

The entire surface of the jacket features a weather resistant coating which repels dirt and liquids very effectively.

We used extra strong triple stitching on all the important panels to ensure long lasting durability and use.

The majority of our profits go directly to the artists! We practice profit sharing on every item we sell, and give more back to the artist per sale than any other organization we know. The more we sell an item for, the more our artists make. This means our costs are much higher due to the business paying out so much to the artists. 

All of our clothing and artwork is made by either our small team or by our small business partners using the highest quality materials available. We use people we know and trust to hand make each item, nothing is mass produced or made by large corporations. 

We typically only produce a small edition of 50-150 of any one piece of art or clothing.  We want to keep each design special to our audience and not oversaturate. While it keeps our items more special, it also costs a lot to produce anything in such a small amount. Often we are negotiating the lowest possible amount our partners will create.