Apparel Care Info

Much of our clothing is created using a process called sublimation. This process creates an extremely durable and long lasting print. In general this fabric needs to be washed in cold water and hang or air dryed. 

We recommend you always dry clean your Threyda jacket or hoodie if possible. This will help extend the life of your wearable art piece. If you arent able to do this, we strongly recommend you buy a garment bag and turn your item inside out before washing in cold water, and then hang or air drying. Our jackets and hoodies have a lot of complex construction and will last the longest if regular washing and drying is avoided. 

Our sublimation tshirts and leggings are created with an extremely durable process. We recommend you wash cold and hang or air dry - this will ensure they will not fade or shrink. 

All of our screenprint tshirts are created using a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Your tshirt will shrink slightly if dryed on high temperature. We recommend washing and drying cold.