About Threyda Apparel Production

Our operation is run by only a few people, and all of our clothing and artwork is also made by small business partners. We use people we know and trust to hand make each item, nothing is mass produced or made by large corporations. We are about as small as it gets for a clothing brand, but have managed to do some big things!

We make sure all of our clothing production partners are paid fair and living wages -  and the majority of our profits go directly to the artists! We practice profit sharing on every item we sell. The more we sell an item for, the more our artists make. Our costs are much higher than other clothing companies due to giving back to the art creators and clothing producers as much as possible. 

We typically produce less than several hundred of any one piece of art or clothing. This is an incredible small number in the clothing world and means paying much higher production costs.  We want to keep each design special to our audience and not oversaturate. While it keeps our items more special, it also costs a lot to produce anything in such a small amount. Often we are negotiating the lowest possible quantity our partners will create.