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Asana Flux Womens Pants by Threyda


The Veil of Air


These lightweight, sheer flow pants are like a whisper - allowing you to move freely and feel the breeze on your body.

Our first release of super lightweight and slightly see-through pants. These are designed for women (or smaller humans). The bottom flares open and they feature a pocket at each side.


  • Super lightweight sheer material
  • Open bottoms for extra air flow
  • Will not fade, or shrink in the wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Definitely comfortable

These are literally the best comfy pants I own. The material I was a little skeptical at first, but wow they are just entirely different than I expected. It’s like they stretch in just the right places. These are my go to for those days I want to be in maximum comfort. Outstanding job with these Threyda, and I hope to see a few more designs in the future.

Love these pants for cooler days

I wasn't sure I'd love this "half short, full pant" situation or when I'd wear them, but even in August I've found these to be a delightful option for cooler, casual evenings. They're very comfortable, easy to wear, and have great pockets. I love the split leg toward the ankle.

I was initially a little uncomfortable with the inner shorts. There's a sensory / tactile issue feeling the shorts rub against the thighs when moving, even though the longer pants are still there. I wasn't sure, at first, I'd be able to get over that, but it only took a day or two until the new sensation was ignorable.

They seem to be a wee bit "sticky" when wet, and I hate having clothing stick to me, so they're not an option for those wetter days.

Still, I love these and they've become my first choice for dry, cool evenings, so a definitely 5 star review.