Translucent Windbreaker by Kimi Takemura

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This unique windbreaker features a transparent shell that shows through to the amazing artwork liner by Kimi Takemura, creating a unique effect that changes as it moves.  This comfortable and smooth garment is an extra lightweight mixture of nylon and feels silky smooth to the touch.

• Shell 100% - Liner 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

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Micky Virdi
I'm so pumped for this windbreaker!!

I haven't received this yet either but to echo the review below i already know this will be a 5 star purchase. So far i have bought the bomber when they had the misprint on it and the iridescent particles reversible heavyweight hoodie. The materials are incredible and very high quality and the print quality of the graphics is stellar, crisp, and high resolution. You really do get exactly what you see on this site and in the pictures. I hesitate to buy white colored clothing cause it gets dirty but this windbreaker being the way it is, is gonna stay nice and bright and clean and i am so pumped to show it off. i get compliments all the time when i wear anything Threyda. And i love that i am supporting artists through my purchases and that they are small batch collections.

Jake Winter

So I haven't received my pre-order as of yet, but I've order from Threyda in the past so I feel that I have some insight into what you can expect. Threyda uses top quality materials for their garments. I literally cannot wear their apparel to a show without receiving compliments and question on where I got it form. Super soft material. Everything down to zippers is top quality. I've never regretted a single purchase and am excited to show this new jacket off as soon as it arrives (assuming I get the opportunity). You won't find this quality from any of the other major brands out there. You will cherish this jacket for years to come, so why wait? Treat yourself.