Beyond Pixels Workshop by Ben Ridgway

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Our first installment of Threyda Artist Workshops Series: Digital Artwork taught by Ben Ridgway and Peter Westermann.  Ben is making the journey to Denver to give a very special two-day workshop on his art techniques and his philosophy of creativity and art. Learn the techniques behind Ben's workflow and the process of bringing mixed medias into reality. With special guest speaker Peter Westermann, owner and art director of Threyda. 

- Learn about Ben's techniques with ZBrush and Photoshop
- See how digital or traditional art can be transformed into new mediums
- Get feedback and gruidance from Ben and Peter on your personal art projects
- Discuss and improve your philosophy on how to think about your creative works

Suggested Supplies/Materials:
- Laptop computer or current art project you are working on

Workshop Hours:

10am-6pm on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2017

Workshop Location:
Threyda Offices - 3435 S. Yosemite St, STE 100, Denver, CO 80231 


June 3rd:
11AM-12PM - Introduction to Threyda / Ben Ridgways / Westermann’s Work
12-2PM - Zbrush / Photoshop Setup / Demonstration
2-3PM - Lunch Break - (Lunch not included, please plan accordingly)
4PM-6PM - Student projects
June 4th: 
11AM-12PM - Philosophy of art presentation
12-2PM - Working /talking with students on personal projects
2-3PM - Lunch break - (Lunch not included, please plan accordingly)
3PM-6PM - Working / talking with students on personal projects

Peter Westermann
Peter Westermann


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