August 01, 2012 1 min read


A few weeks ago Brian Scott Hampton got in his black Honda packed full of paint supplies and  made his way up to Wisconsin to meet with me and work together for  the very first time. This was a meeting of many firsts. Both me and Brian were introduced to very different approaches. There was a lot of excitement, especially since it felt like we were finally meeting someone who matched our level of intensity and passion for creating. The excitement continued and we didn't waste any time coming up with some new ideas.

I had been playing around with some light photography a few days before Brian arrived, and showed him my whole setup. We decided it would be a fun approach to make a light photo collaboration digitally, and then print it out on canvas and continue the piece in aerosol and acrylic paints.

We thankfully remembered to capture a decent amount of the process. Check out the full video and bonus photos below.

Abram Bebo
Abram Bebo