October 31, 2011 0 Comments

Since our initial launch into apparel creation two years ago, Peter and I have learned a lot about the world of t-shirts. We no longer produce in batches of 250 and have found it to be more difficult than anticipated to incorporate our artists work into our t-shirt designs. With that being said, we have experimented with many different styles of printing including the all over style belt print, direct to garment printing, and the most popular screen printing. Stumbling our way through batches of t-shirts, we found that all of these processes  have limitations. Just recently we were introduced to Dye-sublimation printing, this style of printing is going to finally help to truly reduce the limitations and  close the gaps between art and apparel.


A survey will be available sometime in the next couple of days to help us decide what shirt we should print first. Head on over to our facebook page for more information.