May 01, 2017 0 Comments

Below is an in-depth look at one of our most ambitious sets of clothing to date, our 2017 Spring Line. With over 16 pieces, the work load was quite daunting. (But the results were nothing short of amazing!) We had 3 style options; The Satin Pullover, The Reversible Satin Jacket, and The Women's Bomber. It's safe to say that this was the largest undertaking our small team has ever attempted.


I would like to showcase our Women's Bomber Jacket. We took the time to add a feature that seemed to be missing from many other, women specific, items. Not only pockets, but ZIPPER pockets! That way you can keep those items zipped up, just to be safe.

These were some of the most limited jackets we have ever made, with one design being an edition of just 5/5. 


We brought back our signature reversible jacket but with a lightweight material for the spring weather. With pockets on both sides so it is truly reversible. We even went the extra step and added a secondary zipper pocket within the pocket. 



Below is the original artwork from Android Jones that was used on one side of the Dose King Reversible Satin Jacket. This outer layer broke the rules when it came to a "low key" outer shell v.s. the juicy inner lining. Android wanted both the outside and the inside to be mutually juicy and vibrant. We agree it was the right choice.


The quality of the Satin Pullover's silky feel gets us every time. The cooling lightweight material is perfect for the Spring season. Summer nights have never been so perfect.


Thats all for now, keep up with all our projects on the blog page :-)