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Coming to Denver on August 23rd - The Ascension Block Party! We will be vending our art and apparel as well as showcasing a live painting collaboration by Brian Scott Hampton, Randal Roberts, Peter Westermann and Morgan Mandala. Featuring music by Ott and Soulacybin - 
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"Secret of the Emerald Forest" close-up by Mugwort Designs - View Mugwort's Art Page Here

Randal Roberts discussing his work at CoSM along with Alex and Allyson Grey at a recent week-long painting intensive.

Some of our favorite artists showed up in Denver to paint a new wall! Collaboration by Mars-1Oliver Vernon andDamon Soule. This wall is located at the 600 block of Buchtel Blvd 

Damon Soule doing his thing!

"The Artist" by Monique Munoz - View Monique's Art Page Here

Sunset prints by Peter Westermann. View Peter's Artist Page Here

"Archaic Revival" by J.R. Slattum - 
View J.R. Slattum's Art Page Here

"Kaleidoscope" by E Howard - 
Prints Available Here!

New paintings and works in progress in Ct Nelson's studio. - 
View Ct's Art Page Here